Privacy Policy

Home / Privacy Policy obtains data from users to provide them with relatable help. The purpose of acquiring data is for the users’ benefit. Data holding takes place during visitors’ visits to our site.

We ensure that the information we receive from the user is secured and used to resolve doubts better.

We have defined how we use collected users’ information and what benefits the user experience through it.

How does collect information?

With the help of the given major ways, we get hold of users’ information. These are:

Automated system: This means we collect your information while you visit our site. It is also known as ‘Cookies.’ Cookies contain a small amount of information about the visitor of a site. It includes browser type, location, language, etc.

Through Users’ activity: Sometimes you being a user, click on our site and like the information you have read. Or, when you comment on or share a particular blog, all these falls under the user’s activity. And we obtain some information about you through this. It helps us know about you and benefits us as we reach out more.

How do we keep users’ data safe?

As far as users’ data is concerned, we do not involve in sharing the data of users visiting our site. Instead, we try to keep it as secure and safe as possible. Data is the most important asset in the time we’re living. And we understand that safety of it is equally important. Thus, we have a highly secured database for keeping users’ data. We can use the data whenever necessary for the user’s benefit.

Technical staffs occasionally perform activities such as auditing, testing, and security data.