How to Cancel Peacock Subscription

How to Cancel Peacock Subscription

Peacock is one of the most preferred OTT streaming platforms in the USA, UK, and other European countries. NBC’s Peacock was launched in 2020, and since then has streamed some of the best shows and movies in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean one has to keep watching Peacock even if they don’t want to. But alas, not many know how to cancel Peacock!

I know you, too, are one of these people looking for a solution. So, hold on; here are some easy ways to unsubscribe from Peacock.

How to Cancel Peacock Premium

I know with gazillion streaming platforms mushrooming in, it becomes really expensive for one to subscribe to each platform. But if you wish, you can also subscribe to Peacock’s lower-ranged plans.

Take a quick view of these simple and effective ways to change your Peacock plan:

  1. First things first, of course, go to your Peacock channel. And if you’re residing outside the USA, you must turn on your VPN and then go to the application.
  2. Next, on the top right corner, you’ll find your profile icon, which you’ve to click.
  3. Once you tap the icon, you’ll land on your Peacock account.
  4. And then find the settings and information option. Finally, once you’re there, tap the Change Plane option and select your preferred plan.

How to Cancel Peacock on an Apple Device

Okay, I understand you don’t want to downgrade your Peacock; you want to get rid of it. But you don’t know how to cancel Peacock on your iPhone. Don’t you worry, friend; I am here to guide you.

Cancel your Peacock subscription from your Apple device in a jiffy:

  1. First, you must unlock your iPhone and go to the App Store.
  2. There you’ll find your account icon, which you’ve to click
  3. Once you click on your account icon on the top-right, you’ll land on your account. And from here, you’ve to find the subscription menu and land on it.
  4. Finally, there you’ve to find Peacock’s subscription menu. And after finding it, you’ve to tap on the Cancel subscription button.

That’s it; your Peacock subscription will be canceled from your iPhone.

How to Cancel Peacock on an Android Phone

Some people aren’t iPhone fans, and you can be one of them. But, for me, every peacock user is important. So, here’s how to cancel your Peacock subscription on an Android phone.

Cancel Peacock from your Android device instantly:

  • First, of course, you’ve to unlock your phone and go to your Peacock TV application.
  • Next, you’ve to locate your profile icon on the top corner of the application and tap on it.
  • Tapping on your icon will land you on your Peacock account
  • Finally, you’ve to tap the Plans and Payments option from your phone’s menu and click on the cancel subscription button. Once done, your Peacock account will be deactivated, and you can let go of your Peacock subscription successfully.

How to Cancel Peacock Premium on Roku

Hey, looking for a way to unsubscribe Peacock from a third-party app? You could’ve told us before. I’ll help you to do it. Yes, I know the only third-party streaming device that supports Peacock is Roku. So, I’ll tell you how to cancel Peacock on your Roku device.

Hang in there and learn to scrap your Peacock subscription in seconds.

  1. First of all, visit and log in to your account.
  2. Next, you know you’ve to tap on the Manage your Subscription option and locate the Peacock channel.
  3. Finally, after you’ve found it, you’ve to select the Unsubscribe button and simply deactivate your Peacock channel.

That’s it; it’s easy to unsubscribe Peacock from the third-party app.

Parting Thoughts

By the process of it, I hope you’ve understood that canceling a Peacock subscription is an easy task. So, don’t worry about how to cancel your peacock subscription and enjoy binging your favorite free Peacock shows until you’re ready again to subscribe.

Happy Watching, Best of Luck!


Will Peacock Offer Me A Refund If I Unsubscribe?

If you unsubscribe from your Peacock account, you’ll not be charged from their next billing cycle. But you’ve to forget about getting a refund. That’s because Peacock doesn’t offer any refund to anyone, even if they unsubscribe before their next billing cycle.

Can I restart my Peacock Subscription again?

You can restart your Peacock subscription unless you’ve deleted your Peacock account. That’s the best part about Peacock. The subscribers can come and go as they please. Moreover, they can watch Peacock’s free version. So, what’re you waiting for? Start binging on Peacock’s free version today.

May I Know Who Owns Peacock?

NBC owns Peacock. And NBC is one of the biggest networking conglomerates in the USA. It has given us hit shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., The Office, and more. So, you’ll find a lot of NBCs cult shows on Peacock.

How can I delete My Peacock Account Completely?

Here’s how you can delete your peacock account completely:
1. First, log in to NBC’s official account and post that, go to their privacy policy section
2. Next, you’ve to locate the Your Rights section, where you’ll find an email address. You’ve to send an email here to request your account deletion.