Get FuboTV/Firetv On Firestick

Get FuboTV/Firetv On Firestick

Sports are fun, especially when you’re watching on TV. But zapping through channels only to find your preferred channel not included in your plan; that’s a bummer. So, what can you do now? Hey! You can get Fubotv/Firetv on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Yes, that’s a great plan, and you can watch fuboTV on your Fire TV Stick for seven days straight without paying. Yep! It’s FREE!!! FREE!!!! FREE!!!!! Oops! You don’t know how to install fuboTV on your Fire Stick.

Okay, Let me help! I’ll let you know how to install fuboTV on Fire TV Stick. LET’S GO!

How to Get FuboTV/Firetv On Your Firestick

Getting FuboTV/Firetv-connect is no big deal. If your TV has Android Operating System 5.0 and more, you can get fuboTV on your Fire TV Stick.

So, let’s find out how you can install and launch fuboTV on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and enjoy cool sports games:

1. Open the Browser

Firstly, open your google chrome and go to And once you go there, tap on your account information.

2. Find the “Accounts” Section

You’ll find a “Accounts and lists” sub-section when you reach your accounts section. And once you click on the sub-section, you can see a “sign-in section.”

3. Enter Your Credentials

Once you click on the sign-in option, you’ve to put in your credentials, like your email ID or phone number. Next, you’ve to click on the “Continue” button.

4. Sign-In Successfully

You’ll find the password section when you click on the continue button. Here you’ve to enter your password and sign in successfully.

5. Search For fuboTV

Now you’re in your Amazon account. So, go to the search bar, type “FuboTV app,” and hit enter. And once you find the page, you’ve to click on the “Get App” option.

6. Select Your Stick from the List

But before you get the application, select your Fire TV stick from the “Deliver To” option. It’ll help you quickly locate your fuboTV on your television.

7. Download the FuboTV application

Now, hit the “Get App” option and download the FuboTV application.

8. Open Your Fire TV Stick

Let your TV download the application. So, you’ve to wait for a few seconds. Once the download is completed, you’ll receive a notification that the download is completed, and you can open the application. 

9. Launch the fuboTV Application on Your Television

Next, you’ve to open your Fire TV Stick, and again here, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve completed downloading the FuboTV application. So, once you’re on your Fire TV Stick, you’ve to tap the three horizontal lines and launch your fuboTV.

Please Note: Even if you miss the “Download Completed” notification, the FuboTV app’s icon will appear on your TV’s home screen. So, don’t worry about missing the notification.

10. Log in and Start Enjoying Your Shows

Finally, you’ve to put in your login details and sign up for your fuboTV account. However, please remember that this will be your trial period. So, if you wish to continue the services even after a week, you’ve to pay their subscription fees. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Concluding Thoughts

So that’s how experts connect Fubotv/Firetv with Amazon Fire TV Stick. Please remember that fuboTV with your Amazon application is no rocket science. So, you can do it and start watching your favorite games for free for the next seven days.

I know you can do it. Best of Luck 🙂


Can You tell me the price of fuboTV per month?

FuboTV comes in various prices and plans. So, here are the deets on what they offer their clients.
● FuboTV’s Starter Pack Costs: $64.99 per month. However, you’ll get 11 free channels, three screen-watching facilities, and 250 hours of TV recording.
● The Pro Pack Costs: $69.99 for a month. But you’ll get unlimited screens for your friends and yourself and more than 100 channels free, and 1,000 hours of recording space.
● FuboTV Elite Pack Costs: $79.99 for a month. And you’ll get 158 free channels and unlimited screens for you and your friends. Plus, you’ll also get 1,000 hours of recording space.

Can You Tell Me A Way to Cancel fuboTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

It’s very easy to cancel fuboTV from Your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
1. Go to your Amazon account’s profile and visit your account.
2. Next, find your account details and cancel the subscription.
3. Your subscription will be canceled, and you won’t be charged any money.

Can I Use the Free Version of fuboTV on My Amazon Fire TV Stick?

There’s no free version of fuboTV. However, you can use its trial pack for seven days if you wish. Yes, it’s free, and Amazon won’t charge you a penny for using the service for seven days. So, if you want to use fuboTV for free, here’s an option.