How to Connect with the FuboTV Customer Service?

How to Connect with the FuboTV Customer Service?

FuboTV is a popular live TV streaming service. Its major focus is on sports, although it also provides other entertainment and news channels. Customers can subscribe to this service for $86 a month. However, like every other streaming platform, it also encounters various errors and glitches. You can resolve all your queries by dialing the official FuboTV customer service number, which is 1-844-238-2688.

Apart from this, subscribers can resolve various concerns pertaining to using the platform, account management, channels, and packages. Keep reading to learn more about reaching out to the customer service staff of FuboTV. It will help you quickly resolve different problems related to your account, streaming content, or subscription.

What Is FuboTV Customer Service Number?

The FuboTV customer service phone number is 1 (844) 238-2688. Also, you can head over to the Contact Us section of FuboTV. Here there is a form that you can fill out whenever you need assistance. After filling it out, verify the CAPTCHA and hit the ‘Submit Form’ button.

Navigate to if you have concerns about your subscription.

On this place, you can find an answer to your questions about billing, devices, account, and any other topic. You can learn about channels and packages and how to troubleshoot syncing issues with audio and video. Apart from that, you learn about finding a game on FuboTV and the way the service bills you.

Knowing the answers to these common queries will make you use the streaming service efficiently.

The Availability of FuboTV Support

FuboTV provides answers to common customer queries at its help center. So, those facing issues may use the search bar to find answers to the issues they are facing with the streaming service. However, in case you cannot get a suitable answer, tap the ‘Contact Us’ button. It is present in the lower part of the help center.

By clicking on this button, you can send a message to the customer support team. Also, you can connect with the team on the phone.

Here is the usual availability of FuboTV’s customer service staff via phone and email.

  1. Phone – You can speak to a customer support agent from 9 am to 12 am Eastern time from Monday to Sunday. Note that these hours are subject to change during the holidays.
  2. You can email the support staff anytime that a need arises. By email, FuboTV support is available throughout the day. As soon as your query comes to their notice, you will get a response back from them.
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Common Problems for Which People Contact FuboTV Customer Service

There are several problems that the subscribers of FuboTV face regularly. Some of the major concerns are about the following issues.

  1. Canceling and reactivating subscriptions.
  2. Canceling the subscriptions but still getting charged with the Welcome Back message.
  3. Issues with the price of the plan.
  4. Not being able to get a refund after making a subscription by mistake.
  5. The problem with the prompt to reactivate the subscription even when the free trial hasn’t ended.
  6. Getting blocked from FuboTV.
  7. Difficulty in viewing all the episodes of a season. For instance, if a series has 15 episodes in a single season, you may find that FuboTV will only air 11 of them.

How to Report an Unauthorized Charge from FuboTV?

Many subscribers report that FuboTV charges them even after canceling the subscription. According to the official FuboTV customer service page, if a subscriber opts to cancel the subscription, their current one will continue. It will continue till the end of their existing billing cycle. They don’t offer refunds for partial months of their service and also for prepaid service.

If you sign up for Fubo on its website and cancel it while on a free trial, the subscription will terminate immediately. However, finding unauthorized charges from Fubo on your credit/debit card is surely perturbing.

The best solution is to alert Fubo immediately about it. They have released a virtual solution on their website to help users deal with this issue. You can let FuboTV locate charges related to the following scenarios.

  1. You are charged in error or have similar charges for FuboTV service.
  2. Your credit card was stolen, and now you are charged for the service.
  3. You don’t even know what FuboTV is. But your credit card has been charged.

The official FuboTV website mentions that you must have the following information when contacting for these cases.

  1. The date of the unauthorized charge and the amount in question.
  2. The four last digits and the expiration date of your card when you were charged.
  3. The email ID, which according to you, is linked to an available Fubo account.

POINT TO NOTE: You must provide the details mentioned above to FuboTV if it charges you erroneously. However, do not disclose these details unless you are prompted by the service.

Closing Words

FuboTV gives access to over 80 broadcast and cable channels. But issues related to aspects of the service are common. Fortunately, you can connect with FuboTV customer service through the ways mentioned above. Thus, you can get rid of your specific concerns.


What is the monthly subscription cost of FuboTV?

Currently, FuboTV offers the Pro plan for $74.99 monthly. Besides that, it also provides the Elite plan for $84.99 monthly and the Premier plan for $94.99 monthly.

How can I get a refund from the customer service of FuboTV?

Submit a return request on your Fubo TV account page after logging in. Still, if you require more assistance, shoot an email to Also, you may connect with customer service all weekdays. They are available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

How can I end my Fubo subscription?

You can cancel the service anytime by logging into your account on the FuboTV website. On your profile, tap your account’s icon. Now, go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Subscriptions & Billing.’ Finally, tap ‘Cancel’ and confirm it.

Can I get FuboTV free on my Roku?

You can only access FuboTV for free on your Roku with a free trial. This is for new customers. Other plans besides the free trial, such as Pro, Elite, or Premier, are only offered through Roku in-app billing.