How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working On TV, Firestick & Roku

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working On TV, Firestick & Roku

Is your Disney Plus not working? It usually happens because of a problem with the servers, a temporary glitch in the Disney+ app, or a lack of updates in the app. You will see Disney Plus error code 83 when this happens on your streaming device’s screen. The first troubleshooting step to make Disney+ work is to check whether the servers are down. If not, you must start fixing the issues that stem from the service’s app.

If you find Disney Plus not working on your TV, Firestick, or any other streaming device, this post will enable you to fix this issue fully.

7 Points Fix Disney Plus Work Issue

If Disney Plus is not working, here are some solutions you can use to troubleshoot the problem right away.

1. Restart your Disney Plus app

2. Restart your streaming device

3. Ensure that the Disney Plus app has the latest updates.

4. Reinstall the Disney Plus app

5. Check whether your internet connection is stable.

6. Clear cache

7. Use Disney Plus on another device

Why Is Disney Plus Not Working?

Disney+ may stop working suddenly because of the following reasons:

  • Servers are down
  • Your Disney Plus app lacks the latest updates
  • Slow internet connection
  • Disney Plus is overloaded with many users
  • The content you want to watch is no longer available
  • Your operating system is not updated

This will satisfy your question of why is my Disney Plus not working. Look below for its resolutions.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working On TV

Use these solutions to make Disney Plus work on your TV.

1.   Restart Your TV

The first step to make Disney Plus work is to restart your TV. You can soft reset your TV to fix the issue. Turn off the power to your Smart TV and take the plug out of the socket. Reconnect the plug and hit the TV’s power button after roughly a minute. With this Soft Reset technique, menu settings are instantly restored, and data is not deleted.

2.   Delete cache and data

Deleting data and cache will help boost the performance of Disney Plus.

a. Navigate to Settings and hit UP (don’t click).

b. The TV Device Manager menu will appear when you scroll to the bottom. Press it.

c. After that, choose Show App List on the right.

d. Locate the Disney + app and click Show Details.

e. You can remove data and/or cache from that menu.

3.   Update Disney+

If you still find Disney Plus not working on TV, update the application of the service. Open the Play Store on your TV and locate My Apps. Check whether you can find Updates Available under Disney+. If yes, get those updates and start streaming.

4.   Update the software on your TV

If your smart TV’s software is not updated, you may find Disney Plus not working. So, update the software as follows:

With the TV remote, go to Menu, then Settings, and finally Support. After choosing Software Update, choose Update Now. We’ll download and install the latest updates. Updates often take a few minutes, so please wait for the update to finish before turning off the device.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Firestick

The most frequent causes of the Disney Plus app not functioning on your Fire Stick are problems with the streaming service itself, issues with your internet connection, or the need to restart your Fire Stick. Address these reasons to make Disney Plus work.

1.   Log back into Disney Plus again

Log out of the Disney Plus app. Now log back in. Verify that you are logging in with the right credentials. The information associated with your Disney Plus account is different from other accounts. Check that information and log in again.

2.   Restart the internet and your Firestick

Restart the modem and router to boost the internet speed. After that, restart the Firestick. Press Select and Play on your remote until your streaming stick resets and shuts off. After it’s finished, try utilizing Disney Plus once again.

3.   Upgrade your Firestick

Perhaps your Firestick firmware lacks updates. You should upgrade the device as follows.

a. On the Home menu, tap Settings.

b. Find the app My Fire TV and go to its About section.

c. Tap Update.

4.   Reinstall Disney Plus

Reinstalling Disney+ removes temporary bugs. The app thus works smoothly. Use these steps to reinstall Disney Plus on Firestick.

a. Head to Settings on Fire TV.

b. Go to Applications and then Manage installed applications.

c. Uninstall Disney Plus.

d. Go to the Amazon App Store and install it again.

e. Open Disney Plus and start streaming content.

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Roku

Use these simple tips to make Disney Plus work on your Roku.

a. Reboot Roku. Turn it off and then turn it on.

b. Update your Roku. Go to Home, followed by Settings. Then head to System followed by System Update. Choose Check now and see if there are any updates available.

c. Re-add the Disney+ channel on your Roku. Ensure that you log into the channel so that it works.

d. Check whether your Roku is compatible with Disney Plus. The following Roku versions are compatible:

  • Roku 2 (4210X)
  • Roku 3
  • Roku Express, Express+, 4K, 4K+
  • Roku Premiere, Premiere+
  • Roku Streaming Stick (3600X, 3800X), Stick+, 4K, 4K+
  • Roku Smart Speaker
  • Roku TV, 2K, 4K, 8K
  • Roku Ultra, Ultra LT.

Is Your Disney Plus Showing Black Screen? Here’s How to Fix It

A problem related to Disney Plus’s working is it shows a black screen. Nobody likes to see a black screen when they desire to watch their favorite shows. This problem can be fixed with these steps.

a. Ensure that your internet speed is at least 5 Mbps.

b. Find out whether Disney Plus is down today.

c. Turn off your VPN to prevent connection issues.

d. Toggle off extensions in your browser

e. Clear all cookies and cache in your browser.

f. Reinstall the Disney Plus app

Concluding Words

Issues in the working of Disney Plus are quite common. But there are several methods to get past it. Use the fixes we have mentioned in your streaming device. If you need additional help, contact Disney Plus customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a problem with Disney Plus right now?

Check the Twitter page of Disney Plus to see if it is having any issues at present. If yes, wait for some time until the servers start working.

Why is Disney Plus suddenly not working?

If Disney Plus is not the latest version, it will stop working suddenly. So, uninstall and reinstall the app. Reset your internet connection, and then try streaming.

How do I fix Disney Plus not loading on my TV?

You can use many fixes to make Disney Plus load on your TV. Verify the compatibility of your streaming device. Ensure that the strength of your internet connection is good. Give the Disney+ app a restart. Switch off your streaming device and turn it on.

Why is Disney Plus unavailable?

Disney Plus is not available because the content is not available in your particular location. It means that the service does not have the rights to that content in your place.