How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription

So canceling HBO Max has been on your mind for quite some time. And why not? After all, it’s expensive to maintain so many OTT subscriptions. But the sad part is you don’t know how to cancel HBO Max subscription.

That’s why you’re bearing with the plan for so many months. So why not bear a few more minutes with me and understand how to cancel Max’s subscription?

I’ll provide a step-by-step guide and tell you how to unsubscribe from your HBO Max successfully. So, are you ready to unsubscribe like a pro? Lezzz Gooo!

Your Billing Method                          

If you’re thinking, “How to cancel my HBO Max Subscription?” Then your billing method is the first you should inquire about.

Confused? Alright, let me be clear; you can subscribe to the app through HBO Max or a third-party billing system.

So, if you see your subscription says HBO Max for iOS, Samsung Smart TV, or Android App, it’s third-party billing.

But how to find out about your HBO Max bill provider? Here’s how:

  • Phone and Tab: Go to the HBO Max application and select your Profile in the Top Right corner of the app. Then go to the Settings option and scroll to find a subscription.
  • PC: Click on the HBO Max app, go to your Profile, then the Settings, and scroll till you reach the Subscription section.
  • Smart TV: Find Settings on your Smart TV and find the Account.

How to Cancel HBO Max

Once you find out your bill provider, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription before they renew it.

Note: You can stream your favorite movies and shows on HBO Max until your next billing period.

However, if you’re directly subscribed to HBO Max, Here’s how you can unsubscribe from your HBO Max account:

1. Go to The Website

First of all, you’ve to visit HBO Max’s Official Website and go to your Account. Remember that to unsubscribe; you’ve to log in to their official website. You cannot unsubscribe your HBO Max account from your app.

2. Where’s The Profile?

After logging into your Account, you’ve to locate your Profile and select Settings there. By the way, if you don’t know what the Settings button looks like, it resembles the Gear sign.

3. Managing Your Subscription

Once you successfully land on the subscription page, you’ve to locate the Subscription section. And under that section, you’ll find your billing information and a Manage Subscription option.

4. Now You’ve to Cancel

Once you find the Manage Subscription option, enter it and find the Switch Plan option. Post that once you enter the Switch Plan section, you’ve to find and hit enter on the Cancel Subscription option.

5. Confirm And Leave

HBO Max will ask you one last time if you want to go ahead with the cancelation or stay back. You’ve to say that you want to select the Yes Cancel Subscription option. That’s it, your subscription will be canceled, and you won’t have to pay for HBO Max from the next billing cycle.

Third-Party Subscription Providers                 

Each third-party provider has their way of canceling an HBO Max subscription. Therefore, you must go to your billing provider’s page to learn how to cancel your HBO Max subscription.

Here are some popular Third-party HBO Max Subscription Providers:

  1. Google Play Application
  2. Samsung Smart TV Application
  3. Apple Store of iTunes

Parting Thoughts

Paying for a number of applications can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, it’s better to let go of that subscription that you feel is unnecessary. And now that you know how to cancel your HBO Max subscription, you can start saving your money in minutes.

I hope this article was helpful to you and now you can take a firm step. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Cost of HBO Max Subscription?

HBO Ultimate Max subscription costs $20 per month. And if you want just AD-free HD streaming service, you can opt for $16 monthly. However, you can also get an ad-supported subscription for $10 per month. The entire concept of HBO Max was to make streaming services ad-free and smooth. But their new ad-supported subscription has made various subscribers wonder about their business policy.

Will I Get a Refund If I Cancel my HBO Max Subscription Before My Next Billing Date?

If you’ve not used HBO Max after your yearly subscription’s renewal, you can get a partial refund depending on the days left till your next billing date. However, getting a full refund is impossible. But if you wish, you can watch HBO Max even after canceling your service till your next billing date. It’ll be like a little from HBO for your loyalty till now.

Can I Cancel My HBO Subscription Before My Free-trial Period Ends?

No, you cannot! That’s because HBO doesn’t offer free-trial services like some OTT platforms. However, you can cancel your subscription before your next billing cycle and keep watching HBO Max. I’m sure it’ll give you a sort free-Trial vibe. And hence you’ll enjoy it.

Is HBO Max’s Free-trial Free?

HBO Max doesn’t offer a free trial. So, you’ve to buy their subscription. And if you’re not an adult, I suggest your parents buy you the subscription. That way, you and your guardians can enthusiastically watch the HBO Max shows.