5 Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev318

5 Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev318

Killing Eve is finally on Hulu. And you can’t wait to stream it. But what’s that now, a Hulu error code p-dev318? No way!!! But wait, you can fix this.

I know you don’t believe me. But trust me, it’s true that fixing the error code p-dev318 on Hulu is child’s play. And once you finish reading this blog, you will also say the same.

So, are we waiting for the church’s approval? Let’s go and eliminate error codes like samurais. Come On!

Reasons Why Hulu Error Code P-Dev318 Occur

Before we learn to fix a problem, isn’t it important to learn the problem? So, let’s focus on the problem first and see why p-dev318 errors occur on Hulu.

Hulu error code p-dev318 is a playback error that can happen for various reasons. Poor internet connection and server breakdown are the most frequent causes of this error.

And though this error can occur on any device, it’s more prone to appear on your Xbox. So, now that you know the real reasons behind the trouble, shouldn’t we learn to fix it?

How to Fix a Hulu P-Dev318 Error Code on Xbox

The Hulu P-Dev318 error isn’t a problem. The problem is you get scared every time you see it. Therefore, the trick is not to get scared and find a solution.

And finding a solution is what we’re doing. Now, without any more discussion, let’s get down to business and find the fixes to these problems.

1. It’s All the Internet’s Fault

One needs at least 8 Mbps to watch Hulu on their device without any hindrance. But we all know the internet connection isn’t always in its top gear. So, even getting an 8mbps internet connection is also impossible during such times.

What you can do is either buy an upgraded internet plan or switch your internet connection. Good internet providers are aplenty in the market.

So, just contact them and buy their high-speed internet plan. That’s it! Post that, you can start streaming shows and movies on Hulu again.

2. Wires Are Always Better

Okay, this might sound old school, but wired connections are better than wireless. And it’s not just me; various Hulu users have confessed that switching to a wired connection has stopped p-dev318 trouble.

So why don’t you try out a wired connection for once and see how it works on your Xbox or other devices? I’m sure it’ll help you eliminate your problem.

However, if it doesn’t, you can think of other solutions and try different ways to eliminate the trouble. 

3. Restarting is Always a Great Option

Alright, this trick works every time; restarting your devices. And yes, I am talking about the entire set-up, from your router, game console, modem, and streaming device.

And I’m sure that’ll help you solve Hulu error code p-dev318 trouble. If you keep your devices turned on for a long time, it might stop working. So, when you turn off the entire system, please wait at least a few minutes and try restarting it.

I’m sure that’ll do the trick and help you re-stream your Hulu app. However, if it doesn’t work, there’re still other ways to fix the problem. And you apply that!

4. Stay Updated Please

Have you recently updated your Hulu app? You can only fathom the importance of keeping your apps updated once you start facing troubles like this. At times, the applications don’t feel compatible with the phone’s functionality.

And such could be the case for the Hulu application as well. So, you must update the app and relaunch it. Hopefully, updating the application will help you resolve this issue.

But if the error code doesn’t get eliminated even after updating the application, the problem might lie elsewhere. And hence, it’s better to try other options.

5. Cash Is Awesome, Not Cache

Your device’s cache can be a vital reason for your Hulu app’s error code. So, it’s better to eliminate your cache files and restart your device.

Here’s how you can clear the cache on various devices:                                      

  • Android: First, Settings, then Applications, post that Hulu. Finally, select Clear cache/ Clear data and wipe clean the cache files from your device.
  • Apple TV: You cannot clear the cache in Apple devices. Hence, you have to go to the settings and reset your network settings. Post that, you’ve to restart your device.
  • Xbox One: First, the Settings of the device; next, find the system option, and then the storage option, and there you’ve to choose Apps, followed by Hulu. Finally, you’ve to delete the cache files and delete data.
  • Fire TV: First, you’ve to go to Settings, then to Applications; finally, you’ve to select Manage installed Applications, then tap on Hulu and clear your data.

If you’re a Chromecast user, you can simply uninstall the Hulu app, deep clean your device and reinstall the application. It’ll do the trick!

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Parting Thoughts

Thank me later, but now fix your Hulu error code p-dev318. It won’t take over half an hour to eliminate the error and start bingeing on your favorite shows.

So, hurry up and try out all the tips and take care of your error code like a pro. Yes, you can smash the error code like Goku; I have full faith in you. 🙂


Please Tell Me, What is a Hulu Error Code P-Dev318?

Hulu P-Dev318 is a playback error that happens mainly on Xbox. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t flash on other devices. You can face this issue on your phone, computer, and laptop. Mostly error code p-dev318 happens due to a faulty internet connection or Hulu’s server failure. So, you have to try every way out to fix the issue.

Why do I Keep Getting the Hulu P-Dev318 Error Code On My Xbox?

You get this error code on your Hulu app on Xbox because of either a weak internet connection or server issues. But these are not the only reasons. You can also get this error code due to an uncleared cache in your Xbox or an outdated Hulu Application.

Can You Help Me Fix My Hulu Error Code Problem?

If you read these tips in the article, you’ll find out how to sort your error code p-dev318 on Hulu. So, I suggest you read this blog carefully and keep taking care of your Xbox and your watch time like a pro.

If Nothing Works, Can I Contact Hulu For Further Assistance?

Yes, if none of the suggestions work here, you’ll have to call Hulu’s customer care immediately. It could be a problem from their end, or you might need further assistance. So, if your Hulu application doesn’t work on your devices after several trials, you let the company eliminate the situation.