All the ways to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

All the ways to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code P-Dev320

Hulu is usually the one-stop place for people to watch movies and enjoy originals. But things take a rough turn when you encounter an error code. Hulu error code P-dev320 is a common issue that appears when you stream your favorite show. Till you don’t resolve it, the error will keep you away from watching anything. Moreover, streaming live content on Hulu also becomes impossible with this error code. There is no indication of the problem when you see this error code. So, learning the right troubleshooting equips you to deal with it effectively. This article will help you resolve the p-dev320 in Hulu.

How Hulu Error Code P-dev320 appears

The p-dev320 error in Hulu indicates that it is unable to communicate properly with the Hulu service or servers. A glitch in the network or software on your device can cause it. If the Hulu servers aren’t functional, then also you will encounter this code. Sometimes, Hulu’s servers cannot process the streaming service’s request leading to this error. You will typically see the p-dev320 code on Hulu digital media player applications.

P-dev 320 message shows as follows on the screen;

We’re having trouble playing this; It will be good if you turn your device off for a minute and try again. Hulu Error Code: P-DEV320

Causes of Hulu Error Code P-dev320

The Hulu application on your streaming device is unable to link with the Hulu service due to the following reasons.

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Sluggish internet connectivity
  • Excessive temp files and cookies
  • Obsolete version of the Hulu app
  • A problem with your Hulu server

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev320

You can resolve this error in various ways.

1. Find out if Hulu has an outage

If you want to know whether Hulu is down, go through the Hulu Support group on Twitter. You can search this platform by typing ‘#Huludown.’ Check whether Hulu is working on your browser and smartphone. If it doesn’t work on both devices, it means that the server is down.

This glitch happens rarely and resolves in a few hours. You cannot use Hulu in those few hours.

2. Restart the Hulu application

Restarting the application is the easiest solution to fix Hulu error code P-dev 320. Reopen the app on your device. After it is closed, reopen it.

On an Android device, you can close the app by swiping from the lower end of the screen. Hold until you find the ‘Recent Apps’ menu on the screen. Swipe up to exit the Hulu application.

On an iPhone, swipe up from the screen’s bottom to the center. A small window of different apps will show. Close the Hulu app from there. After that, reopen the application and see if you can stream content.

3. Try Hulu on a different device

Sometimes, the Hulu error code p-dev 320 can also be fixed if you play it on a different device. If you are using it on your system, see if it works on your phone. Otherwise, open it on Xbox 1. Just switch the streaming device and then see if the p-dev 320 error shows.

If the error resolves, it means the device on which you were using it earlier has a connectivity problem.

4. Get the latest version of Hulu

If your current Hulu version is obsolete, it may be incompatible with the Hulu service. Although Hulu usually updates automatically, the app that is not updated may still be a possible cause. Android users can update Hulu by accessing the Play Store and clicking the three lines at the top.

Choose ‘My Apps & Games‘ followed by ‘Update All.’ Alternatively, you can choose only the Hulu app to update it. If you are using an iOS device, move to the App Store and touch your profile icon. Head to the app list and locate Hulu. Choose the ‘Update‘ option. However, if you find the Hulu icon saying ‘Open‘ instead of ‘Update,’ it means that the app has the latest updates.

5. Delete the cache

If you are already using an up-to-date app, it may have corrupt data. So, clearing it from the app can resolve the problem. To find how to fix Hulu error code p-dev320 through this method on an Android phone, use these steps:

  • Access ‘Settings‘ and choose the Hulu app.
  • Now, tap ‘Storage & Cache‘ followed by ‘Clear cache.’

If you are an iOS user, uninstall the app to delete the cache. After that, reinstall Hulu.

6. Reset your internet connection

internet speed test

An internet connection glitch is one of the major culprits behind the p-dev 320 error on Hulu. Check the internet speed. If it is low, reboot the home internet. Turn on and off the modem. Do the same to the router. Let them be so for some minutes, and then turn them on. If this measure does not fix internet connectivity, talk with your internet service provider.

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A List of Common Hulu Error Codes

Various error codes can creep up on Hulu apart from P-dev 320. Here are the major ones.

  • Hulu error rununk13, a playback issue.
  • Hulu error 5003, a playback issue.
  • Hulu errors 3 and 5, internet connection issues.
  • Hulu error 500, server issue.
  • Error 400, account issue.
  • Error HDCP, anti-piracy issue.
  • Hulu error 5003, a playback error.

Summing up

Fixing the Hulu error code p-dev320 is simple when you know the corrective fixes. This post will help you solve the glitch whenever it arises. Contact a technical expert if the issue remains unresolved.


How should I resolve Hulu error codes?

Some common and reliable ways to fix Hulu error codes include resetting your streaming device, restarting your modem and router, updating the Hulu app, and switching to a wired connection. You should also review the server status of Hulu.

How to find out if Hulu is crashing right now?

If you desire to find out if Hulu is crashing or having any problems, go to their Twitter page. The Hulu support group on Twitter will help you know whether the servers are fine or facing any issues.

How do I connect with Hulu support?

You can contact Hulu support by dialing (888) 265-6650. This helpline number is open throughout the week. Apart from this, write an email to