Get Paramount Plus free Subscription And Enjoy

Get Paramount Plus free Subscription And Enjoy

Overview: You can get a Paramount Plus free account through various ways. You can get it by starting a free trial and subscribing to other services like Walmart+ or Amazon Prime. You can also get it by pretending to cancel the Paramount Plus account and using Promo codes.

Key Highlights:

  • If you subscribe to Amazon Prime or Walmart+, you will get a free one-week trial period for Paramount Plus.
  • You can also get a free trial period for a week if you apply active referral codes on their application.
  • If you plan on unsubscribing the Paramount Plus account, the platform will offer you a month or two’s free trial services.
  • During your initial subscription phase, The Paramount Plus platform will offer you a free 1-week trial, which you can avail of.

All Ways to Get Paramount Plus Free Account

If you have been sick and worried till now about how to get paramount plus for free, I am ready to become your savior. Being honest, getting a Paramount Plus free account is a lot like getting the Peacock TV free account.

However, with Paramount Plus, you need to apply more tricks. And tricks are all I have to help you enjoy The Paramount Plus free account for more than 6 months.

Hey, you don’t believe me? Then watch how I roll with the plan:

1. Subscribe To Paramount Plus and Get a Free Trial

The first way of getting to Watch Paramount Plus exclusive shows for free is plain.

  • First, open your Google Chrome and go to Paramount Plus. Once inside the website, enter your email and select the “Try It for Free” option.
  •  You will find two options, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Package or the Paramount Plus Essential Package. Choose your fighter and go ahead.
  • Next, the website will provide you with a form, and you must fill it up and select the button Continue.
  • Finally, select a suitable payment plan and start your free trial.

2. Once the Trial Period Is Over, You Can Get Other Subscription to Get the Paramount Plus Free Trial

Now, your 1-week trial is over, but you still want to enjoy your free services. What can you do? I know you can drive to your nearest Walmart or log in to Walmart’s official website. There, you can get a Walmart+ subscription and, along with it, a free Paramount Plus free account.

Or you can also get an Amazon Prime Membership, which will also help you get access to Paramount Plus account for free. All you have to do is once you log in to Amazon, head straight over to Amazon’s Paramount+ section. From there, you can start enjoying your Paramount PLus services for free.

3. There’s Always the Promo Codes

If you’re wondering How to watch Paramount+ for free with a promo code, I am getting there. Yes, you can watch Paramount Plus for free with Promo Codes, and this is how you can apply it:

  • Head to Paramount Plus’s account and complete your sign-up process. Then select the “Try for Free” option, and create the account.
  • Next, the app will ask you, “Do You Have A Code?”
  • Finally, here you have to paste your coupon code and get the channel for free. 

The codes you can use are:        



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4. Finally, Pretend to Let Go Off Your Account And Get Another Trial Offer

Finally, if you have tried all the above hacks, it’s time for a little lie. Yes, this is the part where you get your hands dirty. All you have to do is go on to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription, and the channel itself will give you a free trial period.

Check out how it’s done:

  • Complete your subscription process with Paramount Plus and select the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  • Once you do so, an offer will pop up for an elongated trial offer.
  • All you have to do is, select the “Redeem Offer” option and enjoy free services.


You’re at a loss if you’re still suspicious about the tricks’ authenticity that can help you get a Paramount Plus free account. That’s because whoever has used my hacks has personally left comments that my hacks are the best. So, why wait when you have everything near you?


Does the Paramount Plus Offer Free Streaming For Some Shows?

Yes, apart from getting a Paramount Plus free subscription, you can also get to watch a few shows for free on Paramount without becoming a member. Therefore, if you want, you can avail of that service. However, kindly remember that it will give you access to a small and limited video library. So, it’s better to go for free trials.

Can You Tell Me A Way to Cancel My Paramount Plus Subscription?

Cancel the Paramount Plus subscription yourself. I will show you how:
● Firstly, log in to Paramount Plus from your website and find your name on the screen; you can find it on the right side on the top. Now, find and open the option “Account.”
● Now, move ahead to the cancel subscription zone right in the middle of the account page.
● There you will find the subscription and billing options. Once inside this option, you’ll find a box that says, “I can understand the terms of Cancelation.”
●  Finally, understand and Confirm Cancelation to go ahead and cancel the subscription.

Will You Name Some Coupons That Will Help Me Get A Paramount Plus Free Trial?

Some of the best Paramount Plus coupons are:
TV CLASSICS, and it will provide you with 1 month’s free trial
Mixtapes. And it will also provide you with 1 month’s free trial.

Can I Watch Paramount Plus Shows On My Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, of course, you can watch Paramount TV shows on Samsung Smart TV. Moreover, you can also play Paramount Plus on:
1. Amazon Fire Stick
2. VizioTV
3. Safari
4. Mozilla Firefox.