How to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

How to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

Amazon error code 5004 can sour your watching experience on Prime Video. It appears without notice, and no one yet knows the reason why it appears.

But what if I tell you why this error code appears and some fast ways to fix it? Yes, it’s possible, and I have found out how! So, let’s first find out why the problem occurs.

If we learn deeply about the problem, answers will automatically come up. What say; will you trust me? Of course, you would.

Let’s begin the ride!                                

Key Takeaways:                                    

  • Error codes on Amazon can happen due to various reasons. And these reasons include weak network connection, a faulty VPN, antivirus slowing the computer, and more.
  • Several steps need to be taken to solve the issue. For instance, you can clear your device’s cache and cookies.
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall your Amazon account.
  • Lastly, you can update your device and keep using your Amazon account.
  • You take care of this issue by installing software for video repairs. This software can help you clear unwanted files and make your computer entirely Amazon error code 5004.

Why Does Amazon Error Code 5004 Occur

Error code 5004 occurs on Amazon when your device cannot connect to Amazon’s server.

There are various reasons why this error code occurs, and I am going to note it down below. Keep reading to find out:

  • Network Connection that is frail.
  • If you’re logging in through a VPN.
  • In case your computer or watching device has a cache or corrupt data in it.
  • If you are yet to update your watching device.
  • Your device’s antivirus might be barring the app from playing.
  • An internal problem of Amazon Prime Video.

These are the primary reasons why an error code 5004 on Amazon occurs. So, you know why the trouble occurs. So, it’s time we discuss and find a solution to this problem.

5 Methods to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

There are several ways to fix the Amazon error code 5004. In fact, there are five unique ways to solve this issue.

And I have written all five ways to solve this issue in points. These points will help you understand and resolve the problem accordingly.

1. Why Isn’t Your Connection Stable?

An unstable internet connection is one of the most common reasons for Amazon error code 5004. And it was about time we found an answer to this question.

  1. Go to the Start section on your PC and then go to “Settings” and find the Wi-Fi or Internet connection section.
  2. Once you’ve found it, double-click and open it. Now check whether your interest is stable.
  3. If not, go ahead and restart your Wi-Fi router. And if it still doesn’t solve the issue, contact your internet service provider, and they’ll solve it.

2. Please Say No to VPNs, Firewalls, and Antiviruses

Firewalls, VPNs, and Antivirus software are highly responsible for the Amazon error code 5004. So, if any of these programs are running on your PC, please shut down for a better experience.

To shut down these programs, you must:

  1. Go to your PC’s Start option, then to your PC’s Settings option. Once you’re in that section, choose the “Network Connection and the Internet” option. After entering the section, search for the “Proxy” option on the left side of the screen.
  2. After you find it, get into this section and first disable the “Automatically Detect Settings” option and then the “Use Proxy Server.”
  3. Once done, restart your computer and try getting into Amazon; I am sure it will work again.

3. Uninstall, Reinstall, And / Or Update Your Application

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Amazon Prime and Amazon applications will help you get rid of error code 5004. And once you try to reinstall the application, your application will get updated automatically.

So, first, delete the application from your device and go to the App or Play Store. Next, type Amazon or Amazon Prime on your search bar and tap the install button. Once it’s reinstalled, go ahead and log into your account. It will start working.

4. Renew Your Amazon Prime Account

At times, when users forget to renew their Prime package, the application shows a 5004 error code. So, during such times, it’s better to check your membership and renew it if necessary.

  1. First, log into your Amazon Prime account. Once there, find out if your account is active or inactive.
  2. If you see your membership has ended or your account is inactive, activate it by renewing your membership and start streaming your preferred videos.

5. Clear Cookies And Cache

Too many cookies and cache can create a problem on your PC. And in turn, your Amazon App can show the 5004 code. Eliminating this issue is effortless; all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your internet browser and find the three little dots on the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click it, and you’ll find a bunch of options. From these options, select “More tools” and then “Clear browsing data.” That’s it! It will clear your data, and you can start streaming on your application again.

Concluding Thoughts

Error code 5004 on Amazon is a common error; you can resolve it in minutes. So, don’t panic if you see this on your device.

Just calm down and remember the steps you’ve learned today. And fixing this issue won’t be a problem. I know you’re smart and can do it in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Amazon error code 5004?

There are multiple ways of resolving this issue. For example, you can clear your device’s cookies and cache to fix the error or uninstall and reinstall the application. There are various ways of fixing the issue, and I’ve mentioned them above.

Can you tell me a way to fix the Amazon Prime Video error?

Amazon Prime Video error 5004 is the same as error 50004 on Amazon. So, the solution I have mentioned above is for Amazon video errors. You follow the authentic troubleshooting tips mentioned above and tackle this problem.

What is error code 5004 on Sony TV?

Error code 5004 on Sony TV occurs if you can’t refresh the internet content easily. To resolve this issue, you must go to the TV’s Network area and refresh the internet connection. That’s it; the error will go away.

What is error code 5000 on Amazon Prime?

If you receive error code 5000 on Amazon, it means your application has a wrong or invalid XML document. Therefore, to resolve this issue, contact the AWS support team, who will take care of it.

How do I fix error code 5004?

You can fix the error 5004 by following the above guidelines. I have mentioned every possible solution, and it will help you retrieve your Amazon Prime account. It’s a promise.